Pardon & Fils a family history
The Art of Making Wine Pardon & Fils

Le Pardon & Fils estate owner of vineyards in the Beaujolais region, has been passed on from father to son since 1820.

The passion for the vine and wine is transmitted from father to son with the same high standards and the same respect for the terroir to guarantee authentic quality wines.

Jean-Marc PARDON - Le Domaine Pardon & Fils

Jean-Marc, Jean-Marc, passionate about wine, pursues the path of his ancestors but on the commercial side.

He studies trade and continues his training as a sales representative at Auchan in the wine department.

Jean-Marc then joined the family business in 1991, to deal mainly with sales and export in several countries.

“It is a chance to combine his profession and his passion by marketing the wines of the family estate.”.
Jean-Marc PARDON - Le
                        Domaine Pardon & Fils
Eric PARDON - Le Domaine Pardon & Fils

Eric, just as passionate as his brother about wine, decides to orient himself in the culture of the vine..

After a diploma in oenology obtained in Beaune, he began working for the Hospices de Beaujeu on an area of 83 hectares. Eric then goes to Australia during a 3 month internship to discover the techniques of growing vines.

En 1993, Eric took over the Pardon & Fils estate and brought his knowledge and experience in vine growing and wine making.

“Rigor in monitoring the vineyard and winemaking is the key word for making a good wine”.
Eric PARDON - Le Domaine Pardon & Fils
Corinne PARDON - Pardon & Fils Estate

Corine, after several years spent in Paris, she decides to follow Eric in his passion and accompanies him in Beaujolais.

At the Pardon & Fils estate, she is the one who welcomes you and is responsible for all the administration of the estate.

“I learned to love the wine-growing environment and the Beaujolais region and I feel good at Pardon & Fils estate”
Corinne PARDON - Pardon & Fils Estate
Antoine PARDON - Pardon & Fils Estate

Antoine, son of Jean-Marc, participates from a very young age in the grape harvest and work in the vineyard.

After studying in the vineyard, he too left for Australia for 6 months to develop his knowledge and learn new farming methods.

It was in 2016 that he joined Pardon & Fils, thus continuing his family passion. He mainly takes care of the vineyard full time, preferring the vines to the vatting.

“It is as close to the vine that I feel best, I particularly appreciate the harvest period resulting from a year of work”
Antoine PARDON - Pardon & Fils Estate
Jean-Jacques PARDON - Pardon & Fils Estate

Jean-Jacques, father of Jean-Marc and Eric, joined the Estate in the early 1960s.

Dean of Pardon & Fils, he remains a major element for the field. Always there when needed, he still enjoys working in the vineyards.

“I spent my life at the Domaine and I have no intention of leaving it”
Jean-Jacques PARDON - Pardon & Fils Estate

A team…

Pardon & Fils shares his estate with his workers, some of whom have been present for more than 15 years.

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