Passion for vine
The Art of Making Wine Pardon & Fils

You have to be humble and passionate about the work of the vine and wine.

The passion of the Pardon family, transmitted by inheritance since 1820, for its domain, its vines, its Beaujolais wines, is still intact.

Time plays its part and requires years of hard work to complete a project.

The Art of Making Wine Pardon & Fils

For several generations we have been applying a method that is simple, but effective in the long term: it involves observation, then carefully-considered action.

This method allows the greatest respect for the terroirs and the vine and to produce fine, elegant, authentic and typical wines of each appellation.

Pardon & Fils owns old vines, some of which are more than a century old, which still produce high quality wines today..

Their small concentrated bunches allow the development of our best vintages, very often awarded at the biggest French and international wine competitions.

Pardon & Fils takes care of the vine throughout the seasons with the same desire and the same dedication.

This cycle of a year of work ends with the harvest, an intense moment of stress, doubt, joy, anguish, the result of which is the search for an authentic quality wine.

It is with this mixture of emotions that passion endures.

The passion for wine and the desire to discover other grape varieties, other terroirs, other vinifications on conduits Pardon & Fils to market wines from elsewhere: Côtes du Rhône, Burgundy, Vins d’Oc

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