History of  Pardon & Fils

Since 1820, the Pardon family est owns vineyards in Beaujolais, discover the history of the Estate and its wine trading activities …


Birth of a passion

Antoine Joseph Pardon owns vineyards at the Hermitage, in the commune of Régnié
Durette where he exploits his vines.
As pioneer, he set out to market his wines in France but also to across Europe


Development of trading

Louis Aîné develops the sale of his Beaujolais wines to the sectors of catering, hotels and Parisian brasseries but also on other French agglomerations.


Creation of the House Pardon & Fils

In order to meet the growing demand of his customers, Louis Aîné acquires a
Trade-breeder and selects quality wines in Burgundy and Côtes du Rhône and
considerably increases the reputation of Maison Pardon & Fils with the help of its two
sons, Antoine and Louis.


An estate in Fleurie

Louis Aîné acquires a vineyard and vines estate in Fleurie. At his death, his son Antoine takes over, while Louis (son) leaves the family home for others backgrounds.


Louis' legacy

Louis (father) bequeaths his domains to his grandchildren. Jean-Jacques obtains vines on
Fleurie and the Hermitage estate in Régnié Durette.


Sale in bottles

Until then, the production was sold in barrels, leaflets and quartauts.
Jean-Jacques, Antoine's youngest son, joins him and develops the sale of wines in


Jean-Marc in trading

Jean-Marc, Jean-Jacques' eldest son, joins the Maison Familiale to take care of mainly sales of the 10 Beaujolais and Mâcon wines.


Eric in the cellar

His brother, Eric, joins him after obtaining his diploma in oenology and supports the cultivation of the vine and the vinification of wines.



Louis’s children are not interested in running L'Hermitage estate, Jean-Marc and Eric then bought the estate from their uncle.


La Chevalière

Pardon & Fils acquires new premises at a place called "La Chevalière" in Beaujeu including a cellar, a vat room and an administrative building.


Antoine at the estate

Antoine, son of Jean-Marc, joined the Pardon & Fils estate to take care of the vines.


Vines in Beaujeu

After Régnié Durette and Fleurie, the Pardon & Fils estate receives new vines in Gamay sur Beaujeu following a family donation.

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