Côtes du Rhône

Côtes du Rhône Cuvée 1820 Pardon & Fils


The color is dark, intense and fruity nose with wish, reveals aromas of ripe cassis.The palate is sumptuous, rich and warm.


It can be served between 13-14 ° now with grilled meats, roasts and poultry.He will also accompany well any kind of cheese.


Grenache - Syrah


The soil is the result of the combination of vegetation and climate over thousands of years. The strong personality of the Rhone left his mark on the entire sedimentary basin, carving reliefs, bringing alluvia create, from Vienna to Avignon and the Cévennes foothills of the Alps, a rich and varied.The climate in the Rhone valley is warm and sunny months of the year.The weather is more constant than in other regions to wine France.The floor is made ofstone, especially granite.


Grape quality is checked again on the treadmill where they are deposited after harvest.This involves removing the leaves, clusters whose quality is deemed insufficient, and allother litter arrived so far (up to a golf ball!). Then the stalks and they are crushed lightlybefore leaving the treadmill with lead inside the vault.The winemaking process is happening now in and winemaking begins. The grapes are placed in large stainless steel vats, separated by variety and original plots. This way,when the wines are maturing, we can assemble the different varieties and plots to produce a precise assembly.


Concours International des vins à Lyon


Concours Général Agricole de Paris

Silver Medal

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