Saint-Veran Château de Chasselas Pardon & Fils


From the vineyard of the fourteenth and eighteenth century, Saint-Veran has a light golden color, brilliant and reveals notes of exotic fruits and citrus.


Flexible and a good length, it is used now for fresh fish and shellfish, white meats and poultry with cream.


Garde de 2 à 3 ans


100 % Chardonnay


The characteristic of this wine lies in the alliance between the Burgundian clay and limestone soils, ideally suited to the finesse of Chardonnay, and a semi-continental climate with generous sun giving it richness and character.


Each Saint-Veran is a true reflection of the expertise of each grower. Mysterious alchemyof the long labor of man and nature is the perfect blend of Chardonnay, exceptional qualities of the terroir and traditional methods of vinification which give the raw Saint-Veran unique personality

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